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Objective: In people with prediabetes, a mere 5% weight loss can cut the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in half. In 2011, the YMCA of Greater Dayton launched the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program (YMCA’s DPP) to reduce the prevalence of diabetes in Dayton, Ohio. In 2016, health data for the 2011 YMCA’s DPP prediabetic cohort, including 2016 diabetes status, were evaluated.

Methods: Using de-identified YMCA of Greater Dayton data, analysis was performed on 2011 program (N=90) and 2016 survey results (N=21). The incidence of program 5% weight loss (“success”) was determined and variables associated with success were identified. Survey results were used to calculate the 2016 incidence of diabetes.

Results: The cohort’s program year-end mean weight loss was 6.4%. The incidence of success by 16 weeks was 44% (n=40) and 24% (n=22) at 12 months. Success was highest among females (I=50%, OR=1.8) aged 56 to 65 years (I=45%, OR=3.3) who attended class at a YMCA (I=54%, OR=2.4). Significantly higher class attendance, food journal submissions, and physical activity minutes were reported by successful program participants. In 2016, 71% (n=15/21) of 2011 YMCA’s DPP respondents reported no diabetes diagnosis.

Conclusions: YMCA’s DPP success was highest for women aged 56 to 65 years and those with more class attendance, food journal submissions, and physical activity minutes. Although a larger sample is needed, most survey respondents avoided diabetes by five-year follow-up. This finding suggests that the YMCA of Greater Dayton’s DPP has outcomes at least similar to published longitudinal studies.

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