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This project’s objective is to explore how the Two Generation Model of the Hope Center for Families can address the health needs of the zip code 45406 community in order to combat negative health outcomes for impoverished families. The investigator researched studies regarding the Two Generation Model and previous organizational applications of the model. Interviews were held with the partners of Hope Center for Families and with an organization that uses the Two Generation Model. The interviews were analyzed for recurring themes after listening to each of them several times and then transcribed. A logic model for the Hope Center for Families was created. The Two Generation Model has the potential to positively impact the health and wellness of families within the zip code 45406 as the partners are well-aligned in their vision for the Hope Center for Families. The health outcomes in the zip code 45406 are related to the social determinants of health of the community. Enhancing education, creating workforce development and creating access to clinical care all impact healthcare outcomes. Current ideas and experiences concerning how to effectively operate a Two Generation Model align with suggestions from previous organizations thus leading to an even greater hope for success.

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