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Background: The Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR), comprising of 22 countries, has a high burden of conduct disorder (CD) and has the largest burden of displaced populations. Violence and displacement increase the need for mental health services.

Methods: Using descriptive study design, 2015 global CD burden (disability-adjusted life years DALYs per 100,000 populations) was compared to the EMR burden. Across 25 years (1990-2015) trend of CD in 22 EMR countries was graphed and compared with the global CD burden. Association of CD with a) Corruption Perception Index; b) Global Peace Index; c) Human Development Index was assessed using correlation analysis. CD data was obtained from 2015 Global Burden of Disease Study.

Results: In the majority of EMR countries CD DALYs were higher in comparison to the rest of the world (99 vs 81) DALY’s. Countries with the highest burden of CD are ranked as follows: Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Iraq. Correlation analyses demonstrated that CD burden was positively associated with indices of corruption and violence. However, CD was inversely associated with human developmental index.

Conclusion and recommendation: EMR countries in crisis present the highest burden of CD. To the best our knowledge this is the first exploration of CD with indices of violence and corruption. Since CDs can lead to delinquency and criminal behavior in adulthood, if kept undetected and not treated can result to disastrous consequences.

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