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This paper examines the current state of communications between the public, first responder organizations, and hospitals during mass traumatic casualty events. While the current system that exists nationwide, the National Incident Management System (NIMS), is an effective system, there are several improvements that could be made on a community level. This paper looks at national-level plans, such as the national emergency communications plan, NIMS, Hospital Incident Command System (HICS), and national Incident Command System (ICS). This paper sets forward several cost-sensitive recommendations to add to local emergency communication plans and structures in order to make better use technology that already exists and to better serve the community. These recommendations include the use of common language between first responders and hospitals, effective recall system for hospital and first responder staff, and an area combined information system for local hospitals. Overall, there is an effective communications plan in place, but there are still areas that could be improved.

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