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Trafficking in human beings is a serious and complex human rights issue. Trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation has grave public health implications. The vulnerability of women and children increases their risk of becoming victims of trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation. Review of the literature on this subject demonstrates a direct link between the trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation and the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, STIs and Reproductive/Gynecological Issues, Mental Health, Violence, Abuse and Social Issues. This review supports the concept of human trafficking as a serious public health issue and the need for improved resources for victims of trafficking and prevention efforts in communities most affected by this practice. Additionally, this review demonstrates the need for improved and standardized data collection methods related to the health issues associated with human trafficking. These results have important implications for the public health community as a whole as it considers how to address the continued spread of HIV/AIDS, the impact of mental health and social problems on communities and the health concerns of women and children.