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Objective: The purpose of this research was to describe preterm birth rates, and the risk of preterm birth among maternal race groups in Ohio, Cuyahoga County, Franklin County, Hamilton County, Lucas County, Montgomery County, and Summit County from 2013 to 2018. For the purpose of this study, preterm birth was defined as the live birth of a baby with a period of gestation less than 37 weeks. The maternal race groups were African American, White, and Other.

Methods: A descriptive analysis of retrospective data was conducted on 798,957 live births in Ohio over six years. The data was further divided by county and stratified by preterm birth and maternal race. Relative risks with 95% confidence intervals were calculated to determine the risk of preterm birth for each maternal race group.

Results: Preterm birth rates in each county in Ohio remain relatively unchanged overtime. Preterm birth has consistently been at increased risk for African-American mothers in each county. Risk for preterm birth is inconclusive for mothers in the ‘other’ race category. Conclusion: Future interventions ought to target preterm birth in African-American mothers specifically to decrease preterm birth rates. If preterm birth is not addressed directly, rates will continue to remain unchanged.

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