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The aim of the study was to evaluate Diabetes Obesity - Wellness Opportunities Program (DOWOP) for overweight and obese adolescents aged eight to 14 years.

The study was conducted over 14 weeks at Victor J. Cassano, Sr. Health Center in Dayton, Ohio. Thirteen weekly nutrition, exercise and cognitive presentations were held. Cooking class was held on week thirteen. Participants completed food and activity diaries. The program sessions focused on healthy eating, increasing physical activity, decreasing sedentary behavior and supporting participants maintain healthy lifestyle.

Nurses recorded BMI and waist circumference at baseline, week 7 and week 14. Program administrators were interviewed at baseline and week 14. Satisfaction and intention survey was administered on week 14. Program evaluation questionnaire were completed by adolescents and their parents.

Fourteen participants completed the program and a high retention rate (91%) was achieved. Eighty three percent of participants decreased BMI and waist circumference. Both adolescents and their parents expressed high satisfaction of the program activities. Adolescents strongly agreed to continue exercising and eating healthy and parents reported increase in knowledge from the program.

DOWOP was successful in meeting its goals to change behavior, increased knowledge, and decreased BMI and waist circumference. The program was very innovative because it incorporated cognitive component, parents’ involvement, and used culturally relevant dance and movement. The program was popular with participants as well as program administrators.