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The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care incorporates many public health concepts. Some supporters of PCMH regard the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as legislation that will invigorate PCMH progress across the country. This policy analysis intends to understand the influence of the ACA on the development of PCMH. The policy analysis compares relevant sections of the ACA with core PCMH concepts agreed upon by major medical professional organizations. The evaluative framework uses a “traffic light” system to rate each section of the ACA based on the accuracy of the section as compared to PCMH criteria, and denotes whether or not the evidence in the PCMH literature supports the subject of each section. A modified SWOT analysis details strengths and weaknesses of each section. Even though 11% of the ACA was applicable to PCMH, only 5% of sections in ACA received a green light rating. Evidence does not support the majority of sections. Using PCMH terminology in the ACA does not guarantee PCMH development via legislative mandate. In order for policy makers and health care leaders to see robust effects of PCMH, there must be a consistency in use of PMCH terms, more evidence surrounding PCMH, and a longer period for demonstration projects.