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This project involved an investigation of water utility preparedness and best practices for pandemic influenza. A pandemic could cause serious disruptions to the operations of critical infrastructure, including drinking water systems. These disruptions could be caused by staffing shortages, power disruptions, and shortages of chemicals and other supplies. Ensuring continuity of operations for drinking water systems is crucial to protect public health and safety, and to the economy of all communities. Literature searches, interviews, and a survey of Ohio water systems indicated that water systems in Ohio and across the United States are preparing for pandemic influenza. Pandemic influenza preparation and response plans for health departments, based on CDC guidelines, can be easily found online. Business continuity plans and templates for the development of government agency pandemic influenza plans are also readily accessible. However, templates for developing pandemic influenza plans for water systems were not discovered during this investigation. A template pandemic influenza plan for water systems was developed as a result of this project.