A Rapid, Noninvasive Method for Evaluation of Total Menstrual Loss

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Three types of packages containing enough sanitary supplies for one menstrual period were weighed and distributed to 100 subjects to determine adequacy of supplies and compliance to protocol. Returned packages were then reweighed to determine total menstrual loss. No subject used all the supplies in her package; therefore, packages contents were deemed ample. 7 subjects added their own purchased products to their packages; since added products were specified by name, weight corrections were easily made. 2 subjects lost unused supplies which were specified, and weight corrections were made accordingly. Evaporative loss from sealed and stored and frequently opened packages was measured. 100 g distilled water were added to contents inside 60 packages which were sealed and set aside 7 days. Average loss from these packages was 0.65 ± 0.57 g. 5 g water were added to 60 packages 4 times daily for 5 days (100 g total). Then packages were set aside for 2 days and weighed on day 7. Average loss from these packages was 1.25 ± 0.85 g. The combination of storage plus frequent opening resulted in an average loss of 1.90 ± 0.87 g. Thus, the direct-weight method permits recovery of 97–98% of sample.



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