The QuickTime VR Anatomical Resource: A Library of Shared Photorealistic Virtual Specimens

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QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) is a well established technology used to deliver photorealistic representations of three dimensional objects. It has proven to be an excellent medium for preserving and sharing three-dimensional anatomical specimens on line. The strength of photo-based VR is its ability to capture fine surface features and textures, creating an impression of a real specimen that continues to be elusive to rendered model virtual specimens. QTVR objects can be readily incorporated into web-based or standalone computer-aided instructional programs. For example, we are currently developing a second generation web-based skull anatomy program using QTVR. The QuickTime VR Anatomical Resource is a freely accessible collection of virtual anatomical specimens that can be viewed on line or downloaded for a variety of uses in medical education. A work in progress, the collection currently includes bones as well as various organs, regional dissections and embryological specimens. Each specimen is available to users in several screen sizes to fit varied needs. In the past year our virtual specimens have been viewed or downloaded over 30,000 times by clients in 85 countries. Approximately 20% of those downloads were to clients outside the United States. (Sponsored by Grant LM06924 from the National Library of Medicine).


Presented at the 21st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Clinical Anatomists, Moraga, CA.