The Virtual Knee

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This QuickTime VR movie appears on a CD-ROM included with the book The QuickTime VR Book: Creating Immersive Imaging on Your Desktop, which provides an introduction to the interactive virtual reality technology QuickTime Virtual Reality.

QuickTime Virtual Reality, more commonly known as QuickTime VR, is a cross-platform technology developed by Apple. QuickTime allows viewers to explore a site in 3D, rotate objects, zoom in or out of a scene, or look around 360 degrees, all while at their desktop. Millions of people are downloading QuickTime VR to become part of a new multimedia experience--from Ferrari's home page, where they can "fly" around a car or "sit in" the driver's seat and look around, to virtual tours of travel destinations--The Louvre museum, even Mars! The QuickTime VR Book provides an introduction to the process of creating QuickTime VR movies and larger QTVR-based projects. The concise information in The QuickTime VR Book shows readers how to add QuickTime VR content to their Web site or CD-ROM. It covers the basics of virtual-reality technology and such topics as planning your movie, viewing and creating panoramas and object movies, understanding and setting up hot spots, and linking large projects together. This book will serve as an indispensable resource for Web and multimedia producers (including game developers), photographers, and 3D artists.

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