Development of an Instrument to Measure Nursing Student Teamwork Skills

Sherrill Jeanne Smith, Wright State University - Main Campus
Sharon Farra, Wright State University - Main Campus
Raymon P. Ten Eyck
Marie A. Bashaw, Wright State University - Main Campus



The purpose of this project was to develop an instrument to measure nursing student teamwork skills in a simulated environment.


An eight-step instrument development process was used that included literature review and evaluation of face/content validity and inter-rater reliability.


Psychometric quantitative analysis of the final 11-item instrument included a scale content validity index of 0.98 and individual item content validity index scores ranging from 0.75 to 1.0 for the 11 items. Inter-rater reliability demonstrated consistency with interclass correlation coefficient of 0.836.


An eight-step process can be used by nurse educators to develop psychometrically sound instruments for use in student evaluation.