Promoting Civility in Nursing Practice Using Systems Thinking: Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators

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There is a critical need for nurse educators to promote civility in nursing practice using systems thinking to promote quality and safety and improve patient outcomes by preventing undue patient harm. In this article, evidence is synthesized in order that readers can recognize, respond and manage workplace incivility. Systems thinking is introduced as a best practice solution for advancing a civil workplace culture. The author-created Systems Awareness Model, adapted for civility awareness, guides nurse educators with evidence-based strategies for teaching nurses the essential skills to promoting a civility culture within health systems. The strategies can be used by nurse educators in practice to interface workplace application. Proposed examples of evaluation methods are aligned with the teaching strategies. The purpose of this article is to provide nurse educators in practice with evidence-based teaching strategies and evaluation methods to address incivility in health care using a systems thinking perspective.



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