Conservative Treatment of a Uterine Arteriovenous Malformation: A Case Report and Literature Review

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Uterine arteriovenous malformations (AVMs)are uncommon, and only a few cases of successful conservativetreatment are reported in the literature. Hysterectomy had been the therapy of choice for uterine AVMs. Arterial embolization is used now in patients of childbearing age who want continued fertility.


We report a 16-year-old girl who was diagnosed with congenital uterine AVM after continuous bleeding after adilatation and curettage for retained second trimester placenta. The malformation was detected initially during ultrasonography and confirmed by angiography. Despite three attempts at arterial embolization, new vessel recruitment continued to feed the uterine AVM. The last embolization was followed by successful resection of the AVM, as confirmed by angiography.


This is the first case to report the successful combination of arterial embolization and surgical resection to remove a uterine AVM, preserving the uterus for childbearing.

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