Vulvodynia, A Step-wise Therapeutic Prospective Cohort Study

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Vulvodynia is characterised by the presence of vulval allodynia (pain evoked by non-painful stimuli) and vulval dysaesthesias (burning, soreness, rawness, stinging and irritation). We assessed a protocol for the evaluation and management of vulvodynia. The protocol was based on the most recent evidence available. We began a simple evaluation and proceeded to an aggressive one. From the cohort of 74 patients, 69 patients (93.2%) were adherent to the protocol. A total of 25 patients (36.3%) improved after antibiotic therapy: 14 patients (20.4%) had a positive fungal culture and 11 patients (15.9%) had a positive bacterial culture; none with a positive viral culture. Eight patients (11.6%) improved with dietary modification. Ten patients (14.5%) benefitted from tricyclic medications; 13 patients (18.8%) improved after gabapentin therapy; 13 patients (18.8%) did not show improvement of their condition. Some 56 patients (81.2%) manifested an improvement of their symptoms, which allowed them to achieve painless sexual intercourse.



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