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The publication of this English-Latin-French edition of Descartes' Meditations on First Philosophy is quite simply an experiment in electronic scholarship. We decided to make this edition available and to encourage its free distribution for scholarly purposes. The idea behind the experiment is to see how others involved in electronic scholarship might put these texts to use. We have no predetermined ideas of what such use may be when transformed from this origin. The texts have no hypertext annotations except for those used for navigation. We invite others to download this edition and to create their own hypertext annotated editions and then to publish those additions on their own Web servers for everyone to use.

The texts used in this edition are:

The original Latin edition of 1641 The Duc de Luynes French translation of 1647 The John Veitch English translation of 1901

Each paragraph has been numbered using the paragraph divisions of the original Latin text. Since page numbers are no longer useful for citations in electronic texts, paragraph numbering seemed the best solution.

This edition may not be sold in either electronic or print format without permission from the editors.


Please note the associated PDF works best if downloaded to your computer or with Firefox or Microsoft Edge browsers.

David Manley and Charles Taylor edited this work.

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