MM-Wave-to-THz Modulation with Graphene-Oxide-Silicon Etalon Structures

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This paper presents both numerical modeling and experimental demonstration of a MM-wave-to-THz amplitude modulator based on a graphene-oxide-silicon etalon structure. The silicon substrate not only supports back gate bias but also acts as Fabry-Perot etalon resonant cavity for perpendicular-incident radiation. Graphene deposited on one surface of the etalon provides a tunable sheet conductance and etalon transmittance under gate bias. A 1.4-dB depth-of-modulation is measured with a 101 GHz setup, and modulation of 530 GHz radiation is also demonstrated. In all cases, the modulator behaves linearly with respect to gate bias and is easy to use because of its large aperture (∼ 1 square cm) and transmission-mode operation.

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