Synthesis of P-Type ZnO Films

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p-Type ZnO obtained by arsenic (As) doping is reported for the first time. Arsenic-doped ZnO (ZnO:As) films have been deposited on (001)-GaAs substrates by pulsed laser ablation. The process of synthesizing p-type ZnO:As films was performed in an ambient gas of ultra-pure (99.999%) oxygen. The ambient gas pressure was 35mTorr with the substrate temperature in the range 300–450°C. ZnO films grown at 400°C and 450°C are p-type and As is a good acceptor. The acceptor peak is located at 3.32eV and its binding energy is about 100meV. Acceptor concentrations of As atoms in ZnO films were in the range from high 1017 to high 1021atoms/cm3 as determined by secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS) and Hall effect measurements.