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The effective g factor g* of conduction electrons in degenerate CdTe has been determined by using measurements of the Cd113 nuclear spin-lattice relaxation time T1 and the Knight shift K. It is shown that the magnitude of g* is given by the Korringa product T1TK2=C(g*)2, where C is a known constant and T is the absolute temperature, and that the sign of g* is given by the sign of K for a spherically symmetric conduction band. The measured value, g*=-1.1±0.1, is within the range allowed by effective-mass theory. Also, the electronic probability density at the nucleus, normalized to unity in an atomic volume, is calculated to be |ψF(0)|2≃6.5×1025 cm-3, about 70% of that found for the free Cd ion in a 5s2S1/2 state.


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Look, D. C., & Moore, D. L., Physical Review B, 5 (9), 3406-3412, 1972.

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