Corruption in China: Red Capitalists on Parade

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Political corruption adversely affects the efficiency and effectiveness of governments, slows the rate of economic development and poisons public attitudes towards the legitimacy of the state. Affecting governmental and non-governmental organizations, developed and developing nations and millions of people's lives, it is a subject of great interest to students from a wide variety of academic disciplines. Using a concise, comparative approach based on original case studies Political Corruption in Comparative Perspective: Sources, Status and Prospects provides context and clarity on this complex problem. Cases analysed include countries and organizations as diverse as the United States, Brazil, Russia, China, Israel, India, Pakistan, NGOs and the United Nations. International contributors discuss the historical background of political corruption in a particular country, region or organization and focus on the causes and consequences of that corruption before offering overviews and opinion on how the problem might be addressed. The range of cases used ,each contributor's depth of knowledge and consistency of style applied throughout ensures that Political Corruption in Comparative Perspective: Sources, Status and Prospects is an important addition to the debate and fills a significant gap between academic study and general public knowledge of a truly global problem.

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