Submissions from 2024


Automated Update Tools To Augment the Wisdom of Crowds in Geopolitical Forecasting, Amy Summerville, Cara Widmer, Brandon Minnery, Ion Juvina, and Subashini Ganapathy

Submissions from 2022

Sensitization of Depressive-Like Behavior Is Attenuated by Disruption of Prostaglandin Synthesis Days Following Brief Early Attachment-Figure Isolation, Michael B. Hennessy, John A. Miller, Kendra A. Carter, Andrea L. Molina, Patricia A. Schiml, and Terrence Deak

Computer-Supported Collaborative Information Search for Geopolitical Forecasting, Ion Juvina, Othalia Larue, Colin Widmer, Subhashini Ganapathy, Srikanth Nadella, Brandon Minnery, Lance Ramshaw, Emile Servan-Schreiber, Maurice Balick, and Ralph Weischedel

Clarifying Personality Measurement in I-O: The Utility of Item Response Tree Models, David M. LaHuis and Kinsey Blue Bryant-Lees

Submissions from 2021

Social Buffering of Plasma Corticosterone and Amygdala Responses of Young Rats Following Exposure to Periorbital Shock: Implications for Eyeblink Conditioning Development., Dragana I. Claflin, Darci M. Gallimore, Adam Koraym, Allison Costello, Michael B. Hennessy, and Jennifer J. Quinn


Trust Miscalibration Is Sometimes Necessary: An Empirical Study and a Computational Model, Ion Juvina and Michael G. Collins


Counterfactual-based Nudging and Signaling Promote More Efficient Coordination During Group Tasks, Ion Juvina, Alexander R. Hough, and Kevin O'Neill


Effects of Choice Restriction on Accuracy and User Experience in an Internet-Based Geopolitical Forecasting Task, Ion Juvina, Colin L. Widmer, Amy Summerville, and Brandon S. Minnery


A Covered Eye Fails To Follow an Object Moving in Depth, Scott N. J. Watamaniuk, Arvind Chandna, Jeremy B. Badler, Devashish Singh, and Stephen J. Heinen

Submissions from 2020

Knowledge Graph Semantic Enhancement of Input Data for Improving AI, Shreyansh Bhatt, Amit Sheth, Valerie Shalin, and Jinjin Zhao

Temporal Organization of Color and Shape Processing During Visual Search, Joseph Glavan, Jordan Haggit, and Joseph W. Houpt

Presence of Mother Prompts Dissociation of Sickness Behavior, Fever, and Hypothalamic Gene Expression in Lipopolysaccharide‐Injected Guinea Pig Pups, Michael B. Hennessy, Joshua D. Sensenbaugh, Andrea L. Molina, Patricia A. Schiml-Webb, and Terrence Deak

The Case of the Cognitive (Opti)miser: Electrophysiological Correlates of Working Memory Maintenance Predict Demand Avoidance, Ion Juvina, Jeffrey Nador, Assaf Harel, and Brandon Minnery


The Effects of Misspecifying the Random Part of Multilevel Models, David M. LaHuis, Daniel R. Jenkins, Michael J. Hartman, Shotaro Hakoyama, and Patrick C. Clark

Rational Adaptation: Contextual Effects in Medical Decision Making, Frank Eric Robinson, Markus A. Feufel, Valerie L. Shalin, Debra Steele-Johnson, and Brian Springer

Submissions from 2019


Neural Sensitivity to Mutual Information in Intermediate-Complexity Face Features Changes during Childhood, Benjamin Balas, Assaf Harel, Amanda Auen, and Alyson Saville

Knowledge graph enhanced community detection and characterization, Shreyansh Bhatt, Keke Chen, Swati Padhee, Valerie Shalin, Brandon Minnery, Amit Sheth, and Derek Doran

Enhancing Crowd Wisdom Using Explainable Diversity Inferred from Social Media, Shreyansh Bhatt, Manas Gaur, Beth Bullemer, Valerie Shalin, Amit Sheth, and Brandon Minnery

Comparative Estimation Systems Perform Under Severely Limited Workload Capacity, Paul M. Garrett, Zachary Howard, Joseph W. Houpt, David Landy, and Ami Eidels

Adaptive Design for Systems Factorial Technology Experiments, Joseph Glavan, Elizabeth Fox, Mario Fific, and Joseph W. Houpt


The Phase of Spontaneous Pre-stimulus EEG Oscillations Predicts Auditory Pattern Identification, Natalie E. Hansen, Matthew G. Wisniewski, Nandini Iyer, Brian D. Simpson, and Assaf Harel

Central Neuroimmune Activity and Depressive-Like Behavior in Response to Repeated Maternal Separation and Injection of LPS, Michael B. Hennessy, Terrence Deak, Joshua D. Sensenbaugh, Jennie J. Gallimore, Alexis M. Garybush, Jamie E. Mondello, and Patricia A. Schiml-Webb

Early Attachment Disruption, Inflammation, and Vulnerability for Depression in Rodent and Primate Models, Michael B. Hennessy, Patricia A. Schiml-Webb, Steven J. Berberich, Nicole L. Beasley, and Terrence Deak

Central Oxytocin Alters Cortisol and Behavioral Responses of Guinea Pig Pups During Isolation in a Novel Environment, Michael B. Hennessy, Fadao Tai, Kendra A. Carter, Withayapon Watanasriyakul, Jennie J. Gallimore, Andrea L. Molina, and Patricia A. Schiml-Webb


The influence of trust score on cooperative behavior, Claudia Lavinia Ignat, Quang Vinh Dang, and Valerie L. Shalin

Toward a Unified Theory of Learned Trust in Interpersonal and Human-Machine Interactions, Ion Juvina, Michael G. Collins, Othalia Larue, William G. Kennedy, Ewart de Visser, and Celso de Melo

Effect Sizes for Multilevel Models, David M. LaHuis, Caitlin E. Blackmore, and Kinsey Blue Bryant-Lees

Applying Item Response Trees to Personality Data in the Selection Context, David M. LaHuis, Caitlin E. Blackmore, Kinsey Blue Bryant-Lees, and Kristin Delgado

Temporal dispersion in distributed work, Béatrice Linot, Jérôme Dinet, François Charoy, and Valerie L. Shalin

Systems Factorial Technology Analysis of Mixtures of Processing Architectures, Daniel R. Little, Ami Eidels, Joseph W. Houpt, Paul M. Garrett, and David W. Griffiths


Editors' Introduction: Best Papers From the 2018 International Conference on Cognitive Modeling, Christopher W. Myers, Joseph W. Houpt, and Ion Juvina

Searching for the model of common ground in human-computer dialogue, Clayton D. Rothwell, Valerie L. Shalin, and Griffin D. Romigh

A Common Mechanism Modulates Saccade Timing During Pursuit and Fixation, Scott N. J. Watamaniuk, Jeremy B. Badler, and Stephen J. Heinen

Enrichment Centered on Human Interaction Moderates Fear-Induced Aggression and Increases Positive Expectancy in Fearful Shelter Dogs, Regina M. Willen, Patricia A. Schiml, and Michael B. Hennessy

Establishing Reference Scales for Scene Naturalness and Openness: Naturalness and Openness Scales, Hanshu Zhang, Joseph W. Houpt, and Assaf Harel

Submissions from 2018


Assessment of Anatomical Knowledge and Core Trauma Competency Vascular Skills, Guinevere Granite, Kristy Pugh, Hegang Chen, Nyaradzo Longinaker, Evan Garofalo, Stacy Shackelford, Valerie Shalin, Adam Puche, Jason Pasley, Babak Sarani, Sharon Henry, Mark Bowyer, and Colin Mackenzie

The Influence of Behavioral Relevance on the Processing of Global Scene Properties: An ERP Study, Natalie E. Hansen, Birken T. Noesen, Jeffrey D. Nador, and Assaf Harel


The Representational Dynamics of Task and Object Processing in Humans, Martin Hebart, Brett Bankson, Assaf Harel, Chris I. Baker, and Cichy M. Radoslaw

Modeling Valuation and Core Affect in a Cognitive Architecture: The Impact of Valence and Arousal on Memory and Decision-Making, Ion Juvina, Othalia Larue, and Alexander Hough


Emotion in the Common Model of Cognition, Ion Juvina, Robert West, Othalia Larue, Paul S. Rosenbloom, Christopher L. Dancy, Alexei V. Samsonovich, and Dean Petters

A Comparison of Procedures for Estimating Person Reliability Parameters in the Graded Response Model, David M. LaHuis, Kinsey Blue Bryant-Lees, Shotaro Hakoyama, Tyler Barnes, and Andrea Wiemann

Information gain in sociotechnical systems, Béatrice Linot, Jérôme Dinet, François Charoy, and Valerie L. Shalin

Cadaver-Based Trauma Procedural Skills Training: Skills Retention 30 Months after Training among Practicing Surgeons in Comparison to Experts or More Recently Trained Residents, Colin F. Mackenzie, Mark W. Bowyer, Sharon Henry, Samuel A. Tisherman, Adam Puche, Hegang Chen, Valerie Shalin, Kristy Pugh, Evan Garofalo, Stacy A. Shackelford, Amechi Anazodo, Brandon Bonds, Guinevere Granite, George Hagegeorge, Megan Holmes, Peter Hu, Elliot Jessie, Nyaradzo Longinaker, Alexys Monoson, Mayur Narayan, Jason Pasley, Joseph Pielago, Eric Robinson, Anna Romagnoli, Babak Sarani, Nicole Squyres, William Teeter, and Shiming Yang

Stop words are not “Nothing”: German modal particles and public engagement in social media, Fabian Rüsenberg, Andrew J. Hampton, Valerie L. Shalin, and Markus A. Feufel

Grasping the World From a Cockpit: Perspectives on Embodied Neural Mechanisms Underlying Human Performance and Ergonomics in Aviation Context., Mariateresa Sestito, John Flach, and Assaf Harel


Investigating Neural Sensorimotor Mechanisms Underlying Flight Expertise in Pilots: Preliminary Data From an EEG Study, Mariateresa Sestito, Assaf Harel, Jeff Nador, and John Flach

Choosing a Foveal Goal Recruits the Saccadic System During Smooth Pursuit, Scott N. J. Watamaniuk, Stephen J. Heinen, and Jeremy B. Badler

Submissions from 2017

Influence of Postnatal Glucocorticoids on Hippocampal-Dependent Learning Varies with Elevation Patterns and Administration Methods, Dragana Ivkovich Claflin, Kevin D. Schmidt, Zachary Dale Vallandingham, Michal Kraszpulski, and Michael B. Hennessy


A Multispecies Approach for Understanding Neuroimmune Mechanisms of Stress with Consideration of Sex Differences, Terrence Deak, Anastacia Kudinova, Dennis F. Lovelock, Brandon E. Gibb, and Michael B. Hennessy


Beyond Affordances: Closing the Generalization Gap Between Design and Cognitive Science, John M. Flach, Pieter Jan Stappers, and Fred Voorhorst


How Configural Is the Configural Superiority Effect? A Neuroimaging Investigation of Emergent Features in Visual Cortex, Olivia M. Fox, Assaf Harel, and Kevin B. Bennett


Constructing Synthetic Social Media Stimuli for an Emergency Preparedness Functional Exercise, Andrew J. Hampton, Shreyansh Bhatt, Alan Smith, Jeremy S. Brunn, Hemant Purohit, Valerie L. Shalin, John Flach, and Amit P. Sheth

Sentinels of Breach: Lexical Choice as a Metric of Urgency, Andrew J. Hampton and Valerie L. Shalin

Behavioral Relevance Impacts Utilization of Diagnostic Information for Scene Categorization at Multiple Time Windows: Electrophysiological Evidence, Natalie Hansen, Birken Noesen, and Assaf Harel

Perceptual Properties of Scenes Determine their Subsequent Memory, Assaf Harel and Emily Artz

MEG Decoding Reveals the Representational Dynamics of Task Context in Visual Processing, Martin Hebart, Brett Bankson, Assaf Harel, Chris Baker, and Radoslaw Cichy

Team-Based Learning Effects on Standardized Test Scores and Student Reactions, Ion Juvina, Deborah L. Ulrich, Tracy Brewer, Deborah Steele-Johnson, Elizabeth Peyton, and Crystal Hammond

Measuring Traitedness With Person Reliability Parameters, David M. LaHuis, Tyler Barnes, Shotaro Hakoyama, Caitlin E. Blackmore, and Michael J. Hartman

Criterion-Related Validity of a Big Five General Factor of Personality from the TIPI to the IPIP, David M. LaHuis, Gary N. Burns, Megan B. Morris, David A. Periard, Nicholas M. Flannery, Thomas R. Carretta, and Mark Roebke

A Core-Affect Model of Decision Making in Simple and Complex Tasks, Othalia Larue and Ion Juvina

Artificially-generated Scenes Demonstrate the Importance of Global Scene Properties for Scene Perception, Mavuso Mzozoyana, Matthew Lowe, Iris Groen, Jonathan Cant, and Assaf Harel

Working Memory Capacity and Cognitive Filtering Predict Demand Avoidance, Jeff Nador, Brad Minnery, Matt Sherwood, Assaf Harel, and Ion Juvina

Categorization Specificity and Sematic Content Impact the Deployment of Spatial Attention, Birken Noesen and Assaf Harel

Factors Determining the Effect of Human Interaction on the Cortisol Levels of Shelter Dogs, Willen M. Regina, Alexander Mutwill, Lauren J. MacDonald, Patricia A. Schiml, and Michael B. Hennessy

Filial Attachment: Development, Mechanisms, and Consequences, Harry N. Shair and Michael B. Hennessy


A Subconscious Interaction Between Fixation and Anticipatory Pursuit, Scott N. J. Watamaniuk, Japjot Bal, and Stephen J. Heinen


Illusory Motion Reveals Velocity Matching, Not Foveation, Drives Smooth Pursuit of Large Objects, Scott N. J. Watamaniuk, Zheng Ma, and Stephen J. Heinen


Adaptive Shaping of the Behavioural and Neuroendocrine Phenotype During Adolescence, Tobias D. Zimmermann, Sylvia Kaiser, Michael B. Hennessy, and Norbert Sachser

Submissions from 2016


Cognitive Model of Trust Dynamics Predicts Human Behavior within and between Two Games of Strategic Interaction with Computerized Confederate Agents, Michael G. Collins, Ion Juvina, and Kevin A. Gluck


Game-Specific and Player-Specific Knowledge Combine to Drive Transfer of Learning Between Games of Strategic Interaction, Michael G. Collins, Ion Juvina, and Kevin A. Gluck


Model Predictions for Game-specific and Player-Specific Knowledge Drive Transfer of Learning Between Games of Strategic Interaction, Michael G. Collins, Ion Juvina, and Kevin A. Gluck

What Matters?: Putting Common Sense to Work, John M. Flach and Fred Voorhorst


Event-Related Potentials Reveal the Early Time Signatures of Visual Scene Perception, Assaf Harel

What is Special about Expertise? Visual Expertise Reveals the Interactive Nature of Real-World Object Recognition, Assaf Harel


The Temporal Dynamics of Scene Processing: A Multifaceted EEG Investigation, Assaf Harel, Iris Groen, Dwight J. Kravitz, Leon Y. Deouell, and Chris I. Baker


Depressive-Like Behavior, Its Sensitization, Social Buffering and Altered Cytokine Responses in Rhesus Macaques Moved from Outdoor Social Groups to Indoor Housing, Michael B. Hennessy, Katie Chun, and John P. Capitanio


Maternal Separation Increases Later Immobility During Forced Swim in Guinea Pig Pups: Evidence for Sensitization of a Depressive-Like State, Michael B. Hennessy, Amanda Danielle Schreibeis, Patricia A. Schiml, and Terrence Deak


Statistical Analyses of the Resilience Function, Joseph W. Houpt and Daniel R. Little


Temperature Preference in IAF Hairless and Hartley Guinea Pigs (Cavia porcellus), Gale A. Kleven and Prianca Joshi

A Call for Unification of Dual- and Single-Process Accounts in Cognitive Models of Intuition, Othalia Larue and Ion Juvina


Modeling Cognitive Parsimony with a Demand Selection Task, Othalia Larue and Ion Juvina


Navigating the Decision Space: Shared Medical Decision Making as Distributed Cognition, Katherine D. Lippa, Markus Alexander Feufel, F. Eric Robinson, and Valerie L. Shalin


Creating a Common Trajectory: Shared Decision Making and Distributed Cognition in Medical Consultations, Katherine Domjan Lippa and Valerie L. Shalin


Distributed Cognition in the Past Progressive: Narratives as Representational Tools for Clinical Reasoning, Katherine D. Lippa and Valerie L. Shalin

A Foveal Target Increases Catch-Up Saccade Frequency During Smooth Pursuit, Scott N. J. Watamaniuk, Stephen J. Heinen, and Elena Potapchuk

Short-Term, High-Dose Administration of Corticosterone by Injection Facilitates Trace Eyeblink Conditioning in Young Male Rats, Christine L. Wentworth-Eidsaune, Michael B. Hennessy, and Dragana Ivkovich Claflin

Submissions from 2015

An Extension of Workload Capacity Space for Systems with More Than Two Channels, Leslie M. Blaha and Joseph W. Houpt


Predicting Trust Dynamics and Transfer of Learning in Games of Strategic Interaction as a Function of a Player’s Strategy and Level of Trustworthiness, Michael Collins, Ion Juvina, Gary R. Douglas, and Kevin A. Gluck

Effects of Repeated Petting Sessions on Leukocyte Counts, Intestinal Parasite Prevalence, and Plasma Cortisol Concentration of Dogs Housed in a County Animal Shelter, Emily S. Dudley, Patricia A. Schiml, and Michael B. Hennessy


Working Memory Capacity and Redundant Information Processing Efficiency, Michael J. Endres, Joseph W. Houpt, Chris Donkin, and Peter R. Finn

Development of a Smart Tutor for a Visual-Aircraft Recognition Task, Priya Ganapathy, Ion Juvina, Tejaswi Tamminedi, Gautam Kunapuli, Matthew Sherwood, and Mohd Saif Usmani

Anatomy in the Performance of a Lower Extremity Fasciotomy Before and After Training, Evan Garofalo, Stacy Shackelford, Valerie L. Shalin, Kristy Pugh, Hegang Chen, Jason Pasley, Babak Sarani, Sharon Henry, Mark Bowyer, and Colin F. Mackenzie

Faster Than the Speed of Rejection: Object Identification Processes During Visual Search for Multiple Targets, Hayward J. Godwin, Stephen C. Walenchok, Joseph W. Houpt, Michael C. Hout, and Stephen D. Goldinger


On Using Synthetic Social Media Stimuli in an Emergency Preparedness Functional Exercise, Andrew Hampton, Shreyansh Bhatt, Gary Alan Smith, Jeremy S. Brunn, Hemant Purohit, Valerie L. Shalin, John M. Flach, and Amit P. Sheth

A Neurocognitive Approach to Expertise in Visual Object Recognition, Assaf Harel


Can Two Dots Form a Gestalt? Measuring Emergent Features with the Capacity Coefficient, Robert D. Hawkins, Joseph W. Houpt, Ami Eidels, and James T. Townsend


Working Memory’s Workload Capacity, Andrew Heathcote, James R. Coleman, Ami Eidels, James M. Watson, Joseph W. Houpt, and David L. Strayer


Filial Attachment and Its Disruption: Insights from the Guinea Pig, Michael B. Hennessy


Stability and Change: Stress Responses and the Shaping of Behavioral Phenotypes over the Life Span, Michael B. Hennessy, Sylvia Kaiser, Tobias Tiedtke, and Norbert Sachser


Naproxen Attenuates Sensitization of Depressive-Like Behavior and Fever during Maternal Separation, Michael B. Hennessy, Nathan P. Stafford, Brittany Yusko-Osborne, Patricia A. Schiml, Evan D. Xanthos, and Terrence Deak