Supervised Interpretation of Echocardiograms with a Psychological Model of Expert Supervision

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We have developed a collaborative scheme that facilitates active human supervision of the binary segmentation of an echocardiogram. The scheme complements the reliability of a human expert with the precision of segmentation algorithms. In the developed system, an expert user compares the computer generated segmentation with the original image in a user friendly graphics environment, and interactively indicates the incorrectly classified regions either by pointing or by circling. The precise boundaries of the indicated regions are computed by studying original image properties at that region, and a human visual attention distribution map obtained from the published psychological and psychophysical research. We use the developed system to extract contours of heart chambers from a sequence of two dimensional echocardiograms. We are currently extending this method to incorporate a richer set of inputs from the human supervisor, to facilitate multi-classification of image regions depending on their functionality. We are integrating into our system the knowledge related constraints that cardiologists use, to improve the capabilities of our existing system. This extension involves developing a psychological model of expert reasoning, functional and relational models of typical views in echocardiograms, and corresponding interface modifications to map the suggested actions to image processing algorithms.


Presented at the Biomedical Image Processing and Biomedical Visualization Conference, San Jose, CA, January 31, 1993.