Department Chair: Debra Steele-Johnson, Ph.D.

The Department of Psychology is one of ten departments in the College of Science and Mathematics at Wright State University and has a strong reputation as a science-based program that appreciates both the value of sound methodology and theory and the need to apply and test theory against practical problems of everyday life. The department offers the BA and BS degrees at the undergraduate level and it offers both the MS and the Ph.D. degrees in Human Factors and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. The faculty also participates in the Neuroscience track of Wright State's interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. Program and in the interdisciplinary graduate program in Technology-Based Learning with Disabilities, which is supported by an NSF:IGERT award.

The department is very fortunate to be part of a college and university that appreciates the value of Psychology as a scientific discipline and that encourages faculty to actively participate in multi-disciplinary collaborations to explore and potentially to help solve problems associated with complex technologies and systems where the human element continues to be fundamental to success.


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