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The Guardian, Week of May 25, 2020
Wright State Student Body


Physical and Chemical Properties of Soils in Gambari Forest Reserve Near Ibadan, South Western Nigeria.
Akintola O. Opeyemi Dr, Bodede Idayat Adewunmi Dr, and Abiola Isaac Oluwaseyi Dr


Role of Rescue 1122 in Wildlife Welfare in Punjab, Pakistan
Muhammad Sajid Rana, Fakhar -i-Abbas, Fakhra Nazir, and Kainaat William


Seroprevalence, Biochemical Investigation and Risk Factor Assessment for HBV & HCV Infection in Hospital Based Patients of Islamabad, Pakistan
Narmeen Adnan Rana, Bushra Munir, Nazeer Hussain, Nazia Imtiaz, Muhammad Asif Gondal Dr., and Fahed Parvaiz Dr.


The Millage Rate Offset and Property Tax Revenue Stability
Keith R. Ihlanfeldt and Kevin Willardsen


The Fiscal Impacts of Alternative Land Uses
Christopher M. Clapp, James Freeland, Keith R. Ihlanfeldt, and Kevin Willardsen


Effects of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Housing Markets
Javier Cano-Urbina, Christopher M. Clapp, and Kevin Willardsen


From images to voices: A photo analysis of medical and social support needs of people living with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania
William N. Mkanta, Rosemary W. Eustace, Michelle C. Reece, Abeer D. Alamri, Trevor Davis, Emmanuel U. Ezekekwu, and Aishwarya Potluri


Thoughts About Advancement of the Discipline: Dark Clouds and Bright Lights
Marian Turkel, Jacqueline Fawcett, Peggy Chinn, Rosemary W. Eustace, Phyllis Shanley Hansell, Marlaine C. Smith, Jean Watson, and Rothlyn Zahourek


Community Stakeholders' Perceptions of the Role of Family in HIV Prevention in Iringa, Tanzania
Rosemary W. Eustace, Josephine F. Wilson, Gladys B. Asiedu, Tumaini M. Nyamhanga, and William N. Mkanta


Family Life Education Development, Implementation, and Evaluation in Tanzania
Rosemary W. Eustace, Tumaini M. Nyamhanga, Aisha I. Ghuhiya, and Stella Emmanuel Mushy


Thoughts About Nursing Curricula: Dark Clouds and Bright Lights
Marian Turkel, Jacqueline Fawcett, Linda Amankwaa, Pamela N. Clarke, Vivien Dee, Rosemary W. Eustace, Phyllis Shanley Hansell, Dorothy A. Jones, Marlaine C. Smith, and Rothlyn Zahourek

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