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Raj Soin College of Business Newsletter - July 2020
Raj Soin College of Business, Wright State University


The Guardian, Week of July 27, 2020
Wright State Student Body


The Guardian, Week of July 20, 2020
Wright State Student Body


The distribution of Ohio’s Certificates to Recommend: who will “prescribe” medical marijuana?
F. Stuart Leeds, Ryan K. Levinthal, Morgan T. Alexander, and Timothy N. Crawford


The Relationship Between Culture of Safety and Rate of Adverse Events in Long-Term Care Facilities
Said Abusalem, Barbara Polivka, Mary-Beth Coty, Timothy N. Crawford, Christian D Furman, and Maryam Alaradi


Differences in quality of life among college student electronic cigarette users
S Lee Ridner, Rachel J Keith, Kandi L Walker, Joy L. Hart, Karen S Newton, and Timothy N. Crawford


Outcomes of a Two Component Intervention on Depression in Dementia Caregivers
Karen M. Robinson, Timothy N. Crawford, and Kathleen C. Buckwalter


Histoplasmosis in Patients With Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS): Multicenter Study of Outcomes and Factors Associated With Relapse
Thein Myint, Albert M. Anderson, Alejandro Sanchez, Alireza Farabi, Chadi Hage, John W Baddley, and Malhar Jhaveri


The Impact of non-HIV Related Co-Morbidities on Retention to HIV Medical Care: Does Retention Improve over Time?
Timothy N. Crawford, Wayne T Sanderson, Patrick Breheny, Steven T Fleming, and Alice Thonton


Use of azithromycin for the prevention of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in preterm infants: A randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial
Hubert O. Ballard, Lori A. Shook, Philip Bernard, Michael I. Anstead, Robert Kuhn, Vicki Whitehead, Deb Grider, Timothy N. Crawford, and Don Hayes


Effect of an in-clinic IPV advocate intervention to increase help seeking, reduce violence, and improve well-being
Ann L. Coker, Paige H. Smith, Daniel J. Whitaker, Brenda Le, Timothy N. Crawford, and Vicki C. Flerx


Foreign born status and HIV/AIDS: A comparative analysis of HIV/AIDS characteristics among foreign and U.S. born individuals
Timothy N. Crawford, Glyn Caldwell, Heather M. Bush, Steve Browning, and Alice Thornton


Universal psychosocial screening and adverse pregnancy outcomes in an academic obstetric clinic
Ann L. Coker, Lisandra S. Garcia, Corrine M. Williams, Timothy N. Crawford, Emily R. Clear, Judith McFarlane, and James E. Ferguson


Association of intimate partner violence and childhood sexual abuse with cancer-related well-being in women
Ann L. Coker, Diane Follingstad, Lisandra S. Garcia, Corrine M. Williams, Timothy N. Crawford, and Heather M. Bush


Autonomic nervous system function following prenatal opiate exposure
Matthew Todd Hambleton, Eric W. Reynolds, Thitinart Sithisarn, Stuart J. Traxel, Abhijit R. Patwardhan, Timothy N. Crawford, Marta S. Mendiondo, and Henrietta S. Bada


A comparison study of methods for measuring retention in HIV medical care
Timothy N. Crawford, Wayne T. Sanderson, and Alice Thornton


Histoplasmosis in patients with human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS): Multicenter study of outcomes and factors associated with relapse
Thein Myint, Albert M. Anderson, Alejandro Sanchez, Alireza Farabi, Chadi Hage, John W. Baddley, Malhar Jhaveri, Richard N. Greenberg, David M. Bamberger, Mark Rodgers, Timothy N. Crawford, and L. Joseph Wheat

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