Wright State’s School of Social Work and Human Services was established when the College of Health, Education, and Human Services was formed in Fall 2021. Some of the programs, however, date back to soon after the university opened in 1967.

A rehabilitation services major will provide the education needed to work in agencies that serve people who have disabilities, are homeless, are involved in the court system, use assistive technology, or are challenged by other circumstances. Your first job could be in case management, employment services, assistive technologies, court systems, or social services. Follow an academic program that reflects your special interests as you learn to help others achieve maximum independence.

A social work major will allow you to pursue social and economic justice as well as the improved well-being of individuals, families, groups, and communities. You will prepare to become an ethical and competent practitioner and can look forward to being a life-long learner who contributes to the profession. A degree in social work from an accredited educational institution is a prerequisite to becoming a Licensed Social Worker in Ohio.

If you have previously completed an associate degree in sign language interpreting, Wright State’s bachelor’s degree program will help you become more skilled and open doors for you to be even more effective at helping others. You can work with deaf and hard of hearing communities and with those familiar with deaf culture and interpreting.


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