Risk Assessment of Juvenile Offenders: An Annotated Bibliography of Research from the Last Decade

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Adolescent violence has been an increasing concern to psychologists and the criminal justice system over the last decade. The changing shape of school violence has also heightened public awareness of the risk posed by violent juveniles. A vast amount of literature has been published on risk assessment of juveniles in the last decade, including offender and non-offender populations. Additionally, a number of risk assessment instruments have been developed by professionals to address this need. Clearly, the rising call for juvenile risk assessment necessitates the availability of an efficient and useful resource for evaluators working in the fields of both law, and psychology. In the present annotated bibliography, relevant journal articles, law reviews, books, book chapters, dissertations and assessment tools published in the last decade were reviewed. Pivotal classic works prior to 1989 are noted. The bibliography was generated from a comprehensive and exhaustive search of several databases including LEXIS, PsycINFO, MEDLINE, Sociological Abstracts, World Cat, Health and Psychological Instruments Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, and ProQuest Digital Dissertations. This document highlights the most recent contributions to and refinements of the juvenile risk assessment process. The proliferation of resources in the literature illustrates a shift of focus towards the importance of recognizing the unique factors presented by juveniles.

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