Competency to be Executed: An Annotated Bibliography of Research Since Ford v. Wainwright

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As the number of inmates on death row has risen to over 2,000, the issue of competency to be executed has become more frequently and fervently debated among practitioners and scholars in the fields of law and psychology. The legal system itself continues to modify standards and competency to be executed evaluation procedures, especially in the wake of Ford v. Wainwright (1986). A complete and exhaustive search was conducted of all databases containing literature relevant to the competency to be executed issue, including LEXIS, Westlaw, PsycINFO, Medline, Social Sciences Index, and WorldCat. An annotated bibliography was produced in which relevant books, journal articles, law reviews, and book chapters published since Ford v. Wainwright were summarized and critiqued. This annotated bibliography provides a valuable guide to the literature reflecting the breadth of legal interpretation, psychological standards and ethical issues involved for both professions. This guide includes articles which examine the role of mental health practitioners in forensic settings, as well as legal articles that address procedural, substantive, and ethical issues for lawyers.

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