Murray Weisman interview for the Faces of the Holocaust Series

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MS-215: Emmanuel Ringelblum Collection


Murray Weisman is a native of Lodz in Poland, which before the war was one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe. When the Germans invaded Poland they confined the Jews to their ghettos in many cities and then began shipping them off to concentration camps. Murray was picked up off the street at the age of nine and never saw his family again. Because he was young and able to work (and lied about his age), he was able to escape the gas chambers but underwent extreme hardship as a slave laborer. During the war he was an inmate of seven camps and was liberated in 1945 from Buchenwald. This interview was conducted circa 1985-1987 for the Faces of the Holocaust Faces of the Holocaust, a series created as a classroom resource and curriculum supplement.


Murray Weisman


Renate Frydman

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Oral History


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