Judith Koch interview for the Faces of the Holocaust Series

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MS-215: Emmanuel Ringelblum Collection


Young Germans born after the war grew up hearing conflicting stories about the "truth" of the Holocaust, as Germany struggles to make peace with its own past. Judith, a seventeen-year-old exchange student in Dayton, tells about her small village -Jews lived there before the war, but none do now. She explains how the Holocaust affects her generation and describes how teenagers and children deal with the knowledge of what their compatriots and family members did in the Nazi era. This interview was conducted circa 1985-1987 for the Faces of the Holocaust, a series created as a classroom resource and curriculum supplement.


Judith Koch


Renate Frydman

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Oral History


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koch transcript.pdf (90 kB)
Judith Koch Transcript

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koch transcript.pdf (90 kB)
Judith Koch Transcript