This is a collection of oral history videos conducted as part of History 7700: Local History in the Fall of 2017. These interviewees were primarily graduate students of the Public History concentration. Each interview consists of a standard list of questions on topics such as why they chose Wright State, what life is like at Wright State, and other similar topics.

For more information on this collection, please view the collection finding aid or visit Wright State University Special Collections and Archives.


Submissions from 2017

Interview with Alexius “Allie” Edmonds, Krista Dunkman and Alexius Edmonds

Interview with Lauren Lyon, Krista Dunkman and Lauren Lyon

Interview with Matthew Mercer, Krista Dunkman and Matthew Mercer

Interview with Emily Reth, Krista Dunkman and Emily Ruth

Interview with Alyssa Stark, Krista Dunkman and Alyssa Stark

Interview with Erix Infante, Julie Hale and Erix Infante

Interview with Krista Dunkman, Erix Infante and Krista Dunkman

Interview with Joe Griffith, Erix Infante and Joe Griffith

Interview with Riza Miklowski, Erix Infante and Riza Miklowski

Interview with Amanda Wachowiak, Erix Infante and Amanda Wachowiak

Interview with Julie Hale, Emily Reth and Julie Hale

Interview with Mackenzie Snare, Emily Reth and Mackenzie Snare

Interview with Joseph Weldinger, Emily Reth and Joseph Weldinger