10th International Conference on Diffusion in Solids and Liquids (DSL-2014) - Paris, France - June 23-27, 2014

This Special Session will cover all aspects of nano-structured carbon and oxide-based materials. Possible topics include synthesis and characterization of oxide-based and carbon-based namely, carbon nanotubes (CNTs), carbon nano-fibres, carbon nano-composite, diamond-like carbon, etc. may be presented. Metal oxide, namely ZnO, TiO2, Fe2O3, ferrites, garnets, etc for various applications like solar cell, LED , FET, sensor, antenna, catalysis, battery, lubricant, can also be presented. Modeling and simulation of the carbon- and oxide-based nano-structured materials are highly welcome.

The topics included (but not limited to) in this session are as follows:

  • Synthesis, characterization and application of carbón nanotubes (CNTs) and nano-structured carbon materials.
  • Synthesis, characterization and application of nano-structured oxide, composite materials and thin films.
  • Modeling and simulation of carbon and oxide nano-structured materials.
  • Nano-structured magnetic, optic, dielectric materials and their applications.
  • Nano-structured materials for electro-chemical energy.

Invited Speakers

The following presentations were given by invited speakers.


This Special Session was organized in part by Professor Gregory Kozlowski from Wright State University.



Submissions from 2014


Synthesis and Characterization: Low-Dimensional Carbon Nanomaterials on 3C-SiC/Si, John J. Boeckl, Weijie Lu, Hong Huang, Casey Strope, Li Wang, Neeraj Mishra, and Francesca Iacopi


Field Emission Cathodes made from Laser Cut CNT Fibers and Films, Steven B. Fairchild, John Bulmer, Martin Sparkes, John J. Boeckl, and Gregory Kozlowski


Silicon Carbide-Based One-Dimensional Nanostructures Growth: Towards Electronics and Biology Perspectives, Laurence Latu-Romain


Room-Temperature in-situ Nanostructure Synthesis using Electron Beam Irradiation, Mark H. Rümmeli


H(D)-Induced Nanotunnels Opening at SiC Sub-Surface and Graphene/SiC Grains Etching as a Path to PAHs' Formation in the Universe, Patrick Soukiassian