Unusual Sequelae of Colon Interposition for Esophageal Reconstruction: Late Obstruction Requiring Reoperation

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Colon interposition has become a favored technique for esophageal reconstruction. Late morbidity is generally related either to technical problems associated with the procedure or to the development of new disorders in the transposed segment. Two patients are discussed who were seen with obstruction of colon interposition grafts ten and five years after esophageal reconstruction. In the first patient, a volvulus of the interposed colon associated with a chronically narrowed area distal to the looped segment resulted in obstruction. In the second patient, the redundant intrathoracic segment of the colon interposition became kinked at the diaphragmatic hiatus leading to dilatation and incomplete emptying. Both patients underwent successful reoperations and are doing well 10 and 12 months later. The causes and possible prevention of these and other late complications of colon interposition are discussed.