Intraaortic Stabilization of the AneuRx Stent-Graft System: A Useful Adjunct to Minimize Device Migration

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The deployment of a Medtronic AneuRx stent-graft system for endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair requires a series of precise maneuvers that include positioning the primary delivery catheter in the infrarenal aorta, retracting the graft-covering sheath, and withdrawing the stainless steel runners. The last step allows the stent-graft to fully expand and attach to the non-aneurysmal aorta and iliac arteries. Such maneuvers may cause the stent-graft to move caudally if the device is placed in a severely angulated aortic neck. We describe a simple, coaxial, stabilization technique utilizing the contralateral introducer sheath which minimizes potential caudal migration of the stent-graft in angulated aortic necks during runner withdrawal.