Submissions from 2015


Black Women's Lives Matter, Judith Ezekiel, Tristina Allen, Stephanie Brooks, Dylan Colvin, Dana Graham, Gloria Graziano, Kathy Hayes, Jameela Henderson, Hannah Hendrix, Olivia Jackson, Ashley Johnson, Toshia Johnson, BreAnna Kusko, Matthew Luc, Tiree Moore, Carly Perkins, Stephanie Rushing, Kyle Smith, Kelsey Tingler, Taylor Walker, and Jo Wildman

Nostalgia, Hope Jennings

Submissions from 2014

Book Review: Angela Carter and Decadence: Critical Fictions/Fictional Critiques, Hope Jennings

Book Review: Decadent Daughters and Monstrous Mothers: Angela Carter and European Gothic, Hope Jennings


Exploring Alternative Spaces for Pursuing Social Justice in the Women's Studies Classroom, Hope Jennings and Jennifer M. Money

Submissions from 2013

Disciplinary Lessons: Myth, Female Desire, and the Monstrous Maternal in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series, Hope Jennings and Christine R. Wilson

Submissions from 2012

Genesis and Gender: The Word, the Flesh, and the Fortunate Fall in ‘Peter and the Wolf’ and ‘Penetrating to the Heart of the Forest’, Hope Jennings

Submissions from 2011


Celebrating Women: From Mothers Day to International Women’s Day, Judith Ezekiel


Closet Feminists: Women at University Branch Campuses, Christine R. Wilson and Hope Jennings

Submissions from 2010


"A Repeating World": Redeeming the Past and Future in the Utopian Dystopia of Jeanette Winterson's The Stone Gods, Hope Jennings


The Comic Apocalypse of The Year of the Flood, Hope Jennings


The Ethics of Nostalgia in Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things, Hope Jennings


The Prologue (To Everything that Came Before), Hope Jennings

Submissions from 2008

Book Review: Re-Visiting Angela Carter: Texts, Contexts, Intertexts, Hope Jennings


Dystopian Matriarchies: Deconstructing the Womb in Angela Carter's Heroes and Villains and The Passion of New Eve, Hope Jennings

Fable, Hope Jennings

Submissions from 2007

An Unauthorised Other, Hope Jennings

Book Review: Red Riding Hood and the Wolf in Bed: Modernisms Fairy Tales, Hope Jennings


Dystopias of Matriarchal Power: Deconstructing the womb in Angela Carter’s Heroes and Villains and The Passion of New Eve, Hope Jennings