Special Collections and Archives in the Wright State University Libraries and the Dayton Metro Library have partnered together to create an online archive of the most complete run of Wright Brothers newspapers available to date. Both the Dayton Metro Library and WSU's Special Collections and Archives house original issues of the Wright Brothers newspapers. By combining the two collections in an online archive, this valuable resource will be available in a readily accessible format worldwide.

The Wright Brothers operated a printing business from 1889 to 1899, before they started their bicycle business, and before they tackled the challenge of flight. Over the years, they worked on several publications and local newspapers, including: The Midget, a small school newspaper; church pamphlets; the West Side News; The Evening Item; parts catalogs for bicycles; and the Dayton Tattler, published for neighborhood friend and noted poet and novelist, Paul Laurence Dunbar.

This project was made possible through a donation to the Communication Department at Wright State University from The Greenwood Family. For more information on this collection, please visit Wright State University Special Collections and Archives.


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