Executive Director: Dennis Andersh

As a non-profit research institute, Wright State Research Institute delivers high impact solutions for government, industry and human performance sponsors through research education and training. Our highly specialized and interdisciplinary research team allows us to bring the right mix of talent, experience and creativity to every project and do so at the speed of business.

WSRI has brought together the best experts in human performance research and related business disciplines, and we are strategically positioned to be at the forefront of the trends and emerging interests of the federal laboratories and other government agencies so we can be ready to best address those needs.

As a part of Wright State University (WSU), WSRI is able to combine the best of both applied and basic research to solve the innovation equation on behalf of clients. Our customers and partners not only have access to a leading research and development organization, but also to the to the vast intellectual resources of one of America’s most innovative research universities.

This combination of researchers provides unsurpassed expertise, technical solutions, and new levels of capability for our armed forces, our federal and state sponsors, our industry partners, and those with whom we collaborate worldwide.


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