Associate Professor and Chair: Lynn Hartzler

The Department of Biological Sciences offers a broad, integrative approach to the life sciences, with opportunity for specialized study in a student's area of interest. The department's curriculum includes a core of foundational courses, flexible elective options from Biology and other life/biomedical science departments, and laboratory- or field-based courses ranging from gross anatomy to microbiology, advanced cell biology, or tropical ecology. Beyond that, independent study projects with faculty, an active Honors research program, and the option of off-campus internships provide opportunities for hands-on training. Nearly 50 graduate students pursuing Master's and Ph.D. degrees contribute to the departmental culture. The department graduates ~125 undergraduates each year. Many go on to professional schools in the health sciences (medicine, physician’s assistant, physical therapy, dentistry, and others) or to graduate school. In the local region, graduates of the department's programs work for the Ohio and Dayton offices of the Environmental Protection Agency, for Montgomery County MetroParks, for Eli Lilly and Procter and Gamble, for Compunet Clinical Laboratories and Miami Valley Hospital, and even as tenured faculty at Wright State University!


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