Answers to Common Clinical Questions

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Again, we present a rich issue with great information to address common clinical questions. A common class of drug (proton pump inhibitors) and insufficiently common diet (high fiber content) are related to improved diabetes control. Four good health habits make a huge difference, especially for obese patients. Meaningful use is just not always that meaningful. Computed tomography scans for common chest complaints probably are overused in emergency rooms. Continuous insurance is important to receipt of prevention services, even for those with access to care when they do not have insurance. Practice-based research can be difficult to accomplish, yet can yield some good results—in this case, improved colon cancer screening rates. Consider hyperaldosteronism in patients with resistant hypertension. Reflect on the mistakes other family physicians report; we often learn from others' mistakes. Surgical mesh migration can cause many things, but would you guess it would cause symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome? A nice primer on what is known about chemoprevention of prostate cancer. And, how to influence care outcomes: high-leverage, not just measurable, activities.