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Accurate computed tomography (CT)-based reconstruction of coronary morphometry (diameters, length, bifurcation angles) is important for construction of patient-specific models to aid diagnosis and therapy. The objective of this study is to validate the accuracy of patient coronary artery lumen area obtained from CT images based on intravascular ultrasound (IVUS).

Methods and Results

Morphometric data of 5 patient CT scans with 11 arteries from IVUS were reconstructed including the lumen cross sectional area (CSA), diameter and length. The volumetric data from CT images were analyzed at sub-pixel accuracy to obtain accurate vessel center lines and CSA. A new center line extraction approach was used where an initial estimated skeleton in discrete value was obtained using a traditional thinning algorithm. The CSA was determined directly without any circular shape assumptions to provide accurate reconstruction of stenosis. The root-mean-square error (RMSE) for CSA and diameter were 16.2% and 9.5% respectively.


The image segmentation and CSA extraction algorithm for reconstruction of coronary arteries proved to be accurate for determination of vessel lumen area. This approach provides fundamental morphometric data for patient-specific models to diagnose and treat coronary artery disease.


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