Submissions from 1982

Earnings Function Specification and CETA Program Evaluation, Rudy H. Fichtenbaum

Health Care as a Commodity and the Crisis in U.S. Medicine, Rudy H. Fichtenbaum

Labor Turnover and the Sunbelt/Frostbelt Controversy: An Empirical Test, Robert Premus and Rudy H. Fichtenbaum


Economic Evaluation of Solar Energy Systems in Commercial Buildings: Methodology and Case Studies, Rosalie T. Ruegg, G. Thomas Sav, Jeanne W. Powell, and E. Thomas Pierce

Supply-Side Economics, Pro and Con, G. Thomas Sav and Paul E. Masters

Submissions from 1981

Regional Development and Labor Turnover: More on the Frostbelt/Sunbelt Controversy, Robert Premus and Rudy H. Fichtenbaum

The Microeconomics of Solar Energy, Rosalie T. Ruegg and G. Thomas Sav

Submissions from 1979

Life-Cycle Costing of Solar Investments for the Solar in Federal Buildings Program, G. Thomas Sav

Universal Economic Optimization Paths for Solar Hot Water Systems in Commercial Buildings, G. Thomas Sav

Submissions from 1978


Capacity Building Needs of Rural Areas in Virginia, Berkwood M. Farmer, Anthony A. Hickey, Edward H. Hansen, Irl W. Smith, and Mark H. Silverman


Life-Cycle Costing: A Guide for Selecting Energy Conservation Projects for Public Buildings, Rosalie T. Ruegg, John S. McConnaughey, G. Thomas Sav, and Kimberly A. Hockenbery


Economic Optimization of Solar Energy and Energy Conservation in Commercial Buildings, G. Thomas Sav

Submissions from 1977

R & D Decisions Under Alternative Regulatory Constraints, G. Thomas Sav

Submissions from 1976

The Economic Feasibility of Using Solar Energy for Home Heating, Ali Shams and Rudy H. Fichtenbaum

Submissions from 1974


Natural Disasters: Some Empirical and Economic Considerations, G. Thomas Sav

Submissions from 1969

Human Inputs and Emerging Technologies, Berkwood M. Farmer

Submissions from 1967

Farm Labor Adjustments to Changing Technology, Berkwood M. Farmer and G. S. Tolley

Submissions from 1964

Factor Market Efficiency for Agriculture, George S. Tolley and Berkwood M. Farmer