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In the past 30 years Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) has been developed within the Department of Defense (DoD). The LORA process, outlined in the new Military Standard (MIL-STD) 1390D, is required to be accomplished in each DoD weapon system acquisition program. The Standard outlines 13 different service peculiar models. The Joint V-22 Program must determine an effective LORA methodology that appropriately considers Service unique requirements while limiting the need to run both the NAVAL AIR SYSTEMS COMMAND (NAVAIRSYSCOM) Model III and the Air Force RLA methods of LORA. The two methods, compared by relating 10 cost categories, have major differences in the overall approach as well as several categories. The Support Equipment (SE) and Inventory categories are reviewed in detail. The Model Ill's inappropriate use of discount factors is illustrated. Recommendations are made to stop the current V-22 LORA effort, develop an interim capability to run both programs by producing a pre-processor Personnel Computer (PC) based program that outputs the input files for both methods, and start efforts to develop a common LORA model incorporating input data standardization and the best of the two methods.