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This paper is mainly to present the interrelationship between economic growth and environment pollution in China. The past two decades of drastic economic development in China has caused many environment problems and inflicted great pressure on China’s further development. On the other hand, the deplete of natural resources and damages to environment quality have also cost China a big part of GNP growth and posed threat to Chinese people’s health and living standard.

This paper also illustrates the reasons for China’s current environment condition. It, by employing the theory of Sustainable Development and also analyzing the current global environment, criticizes the declaration and indication by the Chinese government of “Development and pollute first, then clean next”. Also, it details the irrevocable environment degradation in China and advocates the Chinese government to be aware that environment pollution destroys the “fruits” from economic development and in fact environmental protection promotes economic growth. In general, this paper is trying to illustrates the significance of effective and efficient environment policy in China’s long-term economic development.