Listening to the Voices in Your Draft

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This chapter is from the book FieldWorking: Reading and Writing Research, which is an engaging introduction to the skills of ethnographic research. Chapters introduce students to various aspects of field research -- cultures, texts, people, places, language -- by explaining ethnographic research skills and offering short writing assignments that let students practice their skills. Students can work on a single large field study or a series of shorter fieldwork assignments; in either case, the writing they do can become part of a research portfolio. FieldWorking can be used for field research in a variety of disciplines, including anthropology, cultural studies, and more.

Abundant support for students and instructors new to field research. In addition to covering research procedures and providing examples, each chapter includes a section on FieldWriting, a discussion of writing strategies central to the chapter's focus; FieldWords, a brief glossary of key terms; and FieldReading, a list of titles recommended for further reading.

An emphasis on self-reflection and critical thinking. Boxed activities appearing throughout the text highlight the crucial role of self-reflection, synthesis, and other critical thinking skills in the fieldworking process.

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