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Eric Fossum (Committee Member), Daniel Ketcha (Advisor), Kenneth Turnbull (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


Quinolyl-valyl-O-methylaspartyl-[2,6-difluorophenoxy]-methyl ketone (Q-VD-OPh) is a next generation broad spectrum caspase inhibitor, the effectiveness and reduced toxicity of which can be partially attributable to the carboxyterminal O-phenoxy group as well as the amino terminal quinolyl groups. We seek to incorporate some of these unique recognition elements onto small molecule derived protease inhibitors with drug like properties. Specifically, heterocyclic scaffolds such as isatins and oxindoles. Thus, isatins bearing electron withdrawing groups on C-5 and 2,6-difluorobenzyl moieties have been prepared by analogy to the well studied N-substituted 5-pyrrololidinylsulfonyl isatins. Moreover, 3-benzylidene oxindole derivatives bearing these structural motifs have also been prepared and their effectiveness as apoptosis inhibitors was examined employing human Jurkat T cells.

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Department of Chemistry

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