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Soon Chung (Advisor)

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


The proliferation of XML as a family of related standards including a markup language (XML), formatting semantics (XSL style sheets), a linking syntax (XLINK), and appropriate data schema standards have emerged as a de facto standard for encoding and sharing data between various applications. XML is designed to be simple, easily parsed and self-describing. XML is based on and support the idea of separation of concerns: information content is separated from information rendering, and relationships between data elements are provided via simple nesting and references. As the XML content grows, the ability to handle schemaless XML documents becomes more critical as most XML documents do not have schema or Document Type Definitions (DTDs). In addition, XML content and XML tools are often required to be combined in effective ways for better performance and higher flexibility. In this research, we proposed XML Integrated Environment (XIE) which is a general-purpose service-oriented architecture for processing XML documents in a scalable and efficient fashion. The XIE supports a new software service model that provides a proper abstraction to describe a service and divide it into four components: structure, connection, interface and logic. We also proposed and implemented XIE Service Language (XIESL) that can capture the creation and maintenance of the XML processes and the data flow specified by the user and then orchestrates the interactions between different XIE services. Moreover, XIESL manages the complexity of XML processing by implementing an XML processing pipeline that enables better management, control, interpretation and presentation of the XML data even for non-professional users. The XML Integrated Environment is envisioned to revolutionize the way non-professional programmers see, work and manage their XML assets. It offers them powerful tools and constructs to fully utilize the XML processing power embedded in its unified framework and service-oriented architecture.

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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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