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Jessica Moss (Committee Member), Robert Rando (Committee Member), Martyn Whittingham (Committee Chair)

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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


The current dissertation articulates the importance of pre-group preparation, specifically in college counseling centers. The dissertation examines relevant research related to the need for pre-group preparation, as well as the various methods in which information can be delivered to clients. The researcher found that although there are several effective ways to prepare clients for group therapy, an underutilized, efficient, and cost effective way to deliver this information is through the use of an audiovisual aid (Acosta, Yamamoto, Evans & Skilbeck, 2006; D'Augelli & Chinsky, 1974; Egan, 1970; Hoehn-Saric, 1964; Martin & Shewmaker, 1962; Orne and Wender, 1968; Sloane, Cristol, Pepernik, & Staples, 1970; Strupp & Bluxom, 1973; Yalom, 1970; Yalom, Houts, Newell, & Rand, 1967). Boldt and Paul (2011) stated, "College students in this millennial generation just won't come to group therapy." (p. 41). Due to the reluctance of college students joining group, the above authors suggest that an audio visual aid may be helpful in preparing clients to begin group therapy. This dissertation involved the creation of a professionally produced audio-visual aid, geared towards college students, with the intent to prepare clients for a wide range group therapies that may be offered at a given counseling center.

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School of Professional Psychology

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