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Irma Johnston (Committee Member), Leon Vandecreek (Committee Member), Julie Williams (Committee Chair)

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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


The present study examined the lived experience of adult female cancer survivors to discover common protective resilience factors that enabled them to cope with their cancer experience and to identify potential barriers to resilience. Nine female cancer survivors, age 18 years and older whose cancer was in remission or currently active, who were members of a cancer support group and who volunteered to participate in this study were interviewed. They were asked open-ended questions regarding the biological, social, psychological and spiritual factors that helped them to cope with, heal and thrive with their cancer experience. The participants identified resilience protective factors and barriers within the biological, social, psychological, and spiritual domains that assisted them to cope with the impact of cancer. The results of this study can better inform cancer survivors, care takers and the medical community regarding holistically meeting the needs of females diagnosed with cancer.

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School of Professional Psychology

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