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Erin Flanagan (Advisor)

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Master of Arts (MA)


Three years after her rape, Dinah begins to have visions of other rapes. Her visions are prompted by physical contact with the rapist or his victim. She decides that the visions are being sent to her so that she can stop the rapists. Although questioning her sanity and the morality of her actions, she begins killing the rapists. When Dinah later decides that the killings are futile, the ghosts of women who have been killed begin to haunt her. However, as Dinah begins to understand how the killing of rapists by a woman helps dismantle the social construction of women as victims, she recognizes these ghost women as her allies. Despite the complications of her personal relationships and the growing suspicions of police detectives, Dinah ultimately embraces the killings as her spiritual mission.

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Department of English Language and Literatures

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