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Hope Jennings (Committee Chair), Karen Lahm (Committee Member), Marie Thompson (Committee Member)

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Master of Humanities (MHum)


Historically, the value of a woman has been based on her ability to produce healthy and successful (male) children, leaving little room for worth based on intelligence or other achievements. Second wave feminists made significant strides for women's reproductive choices, acknowledging that motherhood is not the only way for a woman to have fulfillment or value. While women throughout the United States have more access, opportunity, and choice, women in United States prisons have not benefited from the same advancements in reproductive freedom. The denial of women's reproductive freedoms in prison can be attributed to the high costs of pregnancy care, the common assumption that prisoners do not deserve rights, and to ensure that their children eventually contribute to the labor force provided by prisoners. Despite their commitment to earning autonomy for all women over their own bodies, many feminists have overlooked the exploitation of incarcerated women and their children.

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